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EN12966 Highway Transport LED Signs

6-24mm RGB Full & Single colour LED Matrix signs, communicating on all control platforms available.

Stand alone to large managed scheme installations available.

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London Gateway provides excellent accessibility, with the UK’s best tidal access; road connections to the North, South, East and West via an eight-lane highway; and the UK’s largest port rail terminal with hi-cube access to the country’s major rail hubs. More than 30% of London Gateway port traffic is expected to go by rail.

So with so many vehicles passing its gateway, keeping drivers informed is a critical management of information.

As part of the build scheme, Signway Designed and specified the harbour with a bespoke manufactured support cradle to mount the full colour EN12966 highway compliant LED VMS Sign. The Sign supplied from Signsol was configure to work within the Network structure of the existing IT department.

The unit is 224 x 112 pixels of Red, Green, Blue High colour LED’s, using the LEMEN 5200 video driver unit.

P16 Full Colour- DP World - London Gateway

P10 Full Colour - Ultra Low Voltage Installation A259 Area 4 - Balfour Beatty Mott McDonald

The installation on the A259 in Area 4 has been designed to make use of the signs 5v operating voltage.

The feeder pillar is supplied with 240Vac, and powers four 240vac-5vdc supplier through a Crozet Millennium 3 PLC, and a Miller Atomic Clock, the system operates during School term times only.

The power is taken across the road by way of a single 6mm twin core cable inserted in a standard slot cut.

The signs are back to back, showing 20mph on entry, and a 30mph sign on exit of the scheme.

The signs are EN12966 RGB P10 640x640mm showing a TRSGD full colour compliant 600mm image.

The signs can be programmed and timed to display any image that fits in the size specified.