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With our work on system configuration, working with Third Party In-House controls, SignSol realised we could offer Remote access and control to all sign types.

The Solihull Anita Scheme is installed around the NEC and Birmingham Airport, and is designed to divert traffic away from congested junctions off the M42.

The scheme has been installed for the last 5 years, but has always suffered from control problems. The existing Sign control system struggled to maintain the connection to Solihull’s UTMC traffic management system, with one provider blaming another for the communication and power issued experienced on site.

Signsol was able to remove all the sign control systems, and replace a mishmash of different components with just two items, the Crozet Millennium 3 PLC controller, and a Netbiter EasyConnect EC220.

Solihull council had 9 FTMS signs installed over 5 years ago, and they have been unable to operate the signs for the last 4 years.

Signsol removed all the control element from these third party signs, and added their Triplesign Internet Management control. The Authority now have full control from any smart phone, laptop, or office PC.


Management Control Systems

All Triplesigns are able to be fitted with management control systems through mobile app or computer system controls.




Sign Management


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From concept to completion SignSol can provide a range of Signage solutions suitable for:
Digital Advertising, Public Information, Retail, Industrial & Safety, and Transport applications.

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