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Specialising in LED products, signsol also offers mobile LED variable message signs. These flexible displays improve road safety by informing about road works on highways, by warning against obstacles and congestion or by signalising changes in traffic routing.

Signsol LED mobile variable message signs meet EN12966. All displays provide brilliant legibility, high energy efficiency and outstanding LED luminosity. Due to their excellent visibility, road safety is improved significantly.

Solutions include:

                    - Trailor mounted LED VMS

                    - Truck mounted LED VMS

                    - Rooftop mounted LED VMS

                    - Fully integrated LED VMS

                    -Other constructions on request

Benefits include:
Conformity to EN12966: with combinations of different colour, luminosity, contrast, beam width, pixel pitch, LEDs, forward current, etc. A wide range of pixel pitch options from 6 mm to 24 mm, fitting any application. User-friendly interface and complete control: PDA, cable connection or wireless connection.

The Signsol Radar-Speed Trailer with full-matrix display features the largest portable speed sign available today. Visible over a standard Jersey barrier traffic divider, the giant display shows motorists’ speed in 26-inch characters, warning motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed.  


Traffic Management Guidance

Vehicle mounted, Traffic Management signs, from a simple One Line Display, to a Full Matrix Display, our units are managed via a simple in vehicle touch screen App .



Mobile LED VMS

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From concept to completion SignSol can provide a range of Signage solutions suitable for:
Digital Advertising, Public Information, Retail, Industrial & Safety, and Transport applications.

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