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Reliable, flexible with life time warrantee options. The Triplesign passive safety system is unique on the market, our upper beam technology in combination with supreme construction technology, means the turning of the sections generates very low resistance.

Triplesign XP is equipped with the smallest motors on the market (6W output) resulting in a safer and more silent operation, and most importantly, it is almost impossible for the motors to break the components of the drive sections or the gearbox.

The system can be build into any conventional plate sign for portion VMS, or a stand-alone sign, up to 12m x 4m off the shelf, larger signs by order, bespoke, taking 3-4 weeks.

Our Signs are NMCS2, NTCIP, UTMC compatible, and communicate over FIBRE, GPRS, TCP/IP, PAKNET, RS485, WIRELESS unifying for backwards and future compatibility.

We design systems from a single stand alone sign, to large managed scheme installations.

Electrical:              All connection boxes are IP65 approved.

Safety switches 6A.

Operating voltage 110 vac or 230Vac 50Hz

Total Power consumption: ~37W (depending on display times)

Motor/gearbox:     6W power output

180:1 (single claw) / 250:1 (double claw).

TAC4 spec:           Triplesign Advance Controller with LCD for status information and    
                             easy change of display times.

Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C

Protection: IP20 (delivered in an IP 66/67 box)

Altitude: 0-2000m

Shock resistance: 147m/sec²

Optional TAC4 can synchronize up to 3 different signs.

System protection/safety function

Active safety system

A successful and simple solution: monitoring traffic flow onto adjacent roads during heavy peak flows, and a solution to divert traffic quickly during RTI.  A significant project linking the North and South of Israel, using the Siemens Scada control system.



Signsol designed a simple, stable, solution, using the Triplesign’s XP three face prism sign, CK Communications fibre network link, and the Crouzet Millenium rouged touch screen tablet.  

The flexibility of our TAC control unit, allowed us to set a IP to IP network.  




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From concept to completion SignSol can provide a range of Signage solutions suitable for:
Digital Advertising, Public Information, Retail, Industrial & Safety, and Transport applications.

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Triple Signs: Traffic Management Control                                     

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