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Our Wayfinder parking guidance system units are ultra slim, Ultra Low Power, waterproof and highly efficient LED Panel offering both excellent energy saving properties and superior lighting levels.

Available in unlimited bespoke sizes, shapes and colours, the Super Slim LED Board is ideal for numerous applications including both internal and external applications in signage.

Parking Guidance Systems and Wayfinder signs  present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies.

-Time spent searching for a parking space is reduced

-Drivers’ parking destinations are influenced

-Utilisation of off-street parking is increased, therefore improving accessibility
            to short-stay on-street parking

-Changes in pollutant emissions (CO2) due to PGI are closely related to             changes in overall travel time

-Raised public image of the area, which in turn can lead to improved revenue             generation within that area

Wayfinder signs display fixed messages, or real time space availability information linked to counting and barrier controls within an area.

Signsol were able to successfully produce a successful parking guidance system for Heathrow, linking multiple signs inside and outside the underground parking.

The scheme has been installed for the last 2.5 years, and during this period has performed without any maintenance calls. This is due to the robust and reliable Triplesign design.



As part of the build scheme, Signsol successfully supplied and installed QPARK with efficient and minimalist spaces/ full signage.


HEATHROW T1,2,3 Tunnel


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From concept to completion SignSol can provide a range of Signage solutions suitable for:
Digital Advertising, Public Information, Retail, Industrial & Safety, and Transport applications.

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Wayfinder LED unit- Heathrow T4